The love of my Life

The love of my Life
The Shade of my Heart <3

Saturday, October 26, 2013


Thankful.  Thankful for a safe trip to Omaha with my little family.  Thankful to be woken in the middle of the night from the cries of my hungry 11 week old son.  Thankful for our health and safety that God graciously blesses us with day after day.  Thankful to hold and kiss the 5 people that I hold most dear in my dear husband and my four beautiful children.  Thankful to be alive, every day, and have the breath and heart to offer up a continual string of prayers all day to my Father in Heaven.  Every day is a gift...but not every day is promised.  God has been showing me that every day is overflowing with blessings, with reasons for a thankful heart.

One thing that I try to do every day with my kids, is to express what we are thankful for after our meals, before we go to God in prayer.  It humbles me to see from my children's perspective what is important and meaningful...reasons for thanks.  "I'm thankful to go to school...I'm thankful that my mom is home...I'm thankful that daddy is working on cars...I'm thankful that I got to play outside today...I'm thankful for the yummy dinner...I'm thankful for playing with me brothers and sisters...I'm thankful we got to go to the bank today...I'm thankful that mommy read us a book." their words are so simple, and so earnest, I can't help but smile, and be reminded of the little things from day to day that are from Our Heavenly Father's hands.  Living in that truth, I tend to hug my kids and husband a little tighter, say "I love you" to a person I really do cherish...even if it means I'm out of my comfort zone, inhaling the scent of my husband as I embrace him after a long, hard days work, watch my kids play together, listen to my kids voices as they sing praises to God...or even as I sit in the quietness of our home while everyone else sleeps and dreams in their beds.  God is truly faithful in all things...but recognizing that, always, is where the challenge begins.

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